S-M-A-R-T Goal Setting -Part 1

I know this is bordering a little on the cliché part, I just taught Ian, the acronym of S-M-A-R-T.

For those handling management, and personal effectiveness, should know what ‘SMART’  stands for;

SMART: S=Specific, M=Measurable A=Actionable R=Realistic T=Timed

Yeah, I will be teaching him a lot more other acronym as he grows older. But one thing he already knew, ‘SWOT’. I was like WOW, I think he learned that from school then.

We came to this goal setting thing, when we were discussing his behaviour and how to avoid being caned. (yes, I am a corporal punishment parenting style. We leave that argument for another day.) So we walked the conversation into setting goals and he has no idea between a ‘Plan’ and a ‘Goal’. Which I explained to him, using a ‘staircase’ metaphor.

I told him, that the ‘goal’ is the bottom of the stairs ( We were heading down to the train platform), and the plan is our way towards the bottom of the stairs. The plan can also employs the use of the escalators, or the elevators. The Goal is the end, the Plan is the means to get to the end, it is not the end.

Anyway, so we explored the SMART thingy word by word, about how certain values qualifies for each and every single value.

For example, the value of ‘Realistic’ I told him that this year he is Primary 2, and his goal is to be in Primary 5 next year, which is totally unrealistic. I asked him for a time frame, he told me 3 weeks without being caned. He wanted to go for a month, and decided that 3 weeks seems reasonably realistic.

Of course I know he will default on his promise and that is where I refer him to another acronym. FOCUS.

Please refer to part 2 for FOCUS. http://wp.me/p3qQYz-L


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