F-O-C-U-S: Goal setting, Part 2

Please refer to part 1 at: http://wp.me/p3qQYz-J

Knowing my son’s typical kiddo attention span, I taught him ‘FOCUS’. I learned this from Robert Kiyosaki, the famed author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Dad_Poor_Dad) . His breakdown of the word ‘FOCUS’ is:

Follow One Course Until Successful= FOCUS

That was what I shared with Ian, and I told him about the Staircase Metaphor again. I told him he has to keep moving until he reaches the bottom of the stairs, which is Goal. Along the way, he can stop to pick up a phone call, scratch his arse, and other matters, as long as these auxiliary activities does not distract him from his goals. and if they do, he has to be prepared to drop them and continue with his Course, which is to get to the bottom of the stairs.

Tapping on his desire to be a ‘leader’, I told him the best leader, follows. And that is the value of ‘FOCUS’. Since if you cannot follow, and follow accurately, it will be hard to depend on you to follow through a particular task. And if you cannot follow through a specific task, you cannot see to the completion of the task.

So hopefully with SMART FOCUS, he can learn to better himself and plan properly to achieve his Goals.


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