Don’t Screw Up!

12.44am, 22 April 2013, Monday

Yesterday afternoon, my wife came half giggling to me, reminding me that we really have to watch what we say when the kids are around. I was look at her, going “Duh.” Since she is the major culprit, enunciating fanciful cusses in the car when the kids are around.

Anyway,  she was telling Ian, that we should be able to go out as long as he can finish his homework on time. Ian went on and say: “Yep, as long as I don’t screw up!

Makes me wonder what other kind of adjectives he has picked up from us, subliminally and overtly.

Kids, they do say the darnest things.

(P.S. I now some of you out there, thinks its no big deal for an eight year old to say ‘screw up’ as there are other eight year olds out there who has more bombastic adjectives. Well, as for Ian, ‘screw up’ is definitely not in his usual lexicon. So this comes as a revelation for us.) 🙂


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