Here is the Story

It is 2.03am, Sunday 21st April 2013.

I’ve always had this nagging orientation to start something like this, but the usual drudgery of life sometimes can drain the desire out of me. Put it plainly, L-A-Z-Y. oh come on! I’m a dad of 2, I’ve got plenty on my plate! and now run and blog! (I actually wanted to write ‘run a blog’, but run and blog, sounds lexiconically legit)

Anyway, my friend, Steven, recently shared with me a fatherhood story of his friend, who wrote everyday from the day his son was born. He promised to give what he wrote to his son for his 21st birthday. and Steven took it as a casual comment, and didn’t think much of it.

As time would have it, these two men caught up with each other years later, and Steven remembered this and asked his friend, if he really did what he did, to which his friend replied, ‘Yes! Of course!’ And when he gave it to his son for his 21st birthday, his son cried. I was like ‘WOW’

The other side of the story is that his friend also had a younger daughter, and like the L-A-Z-Y monster who got to me, got to him, he wasn’t has extensive with the younger one. tsk, tsk, tsk, it is like this, even for me, Ian have had the best attention money CANNOT buy from us and his grand parents. where as Wayne, the younger brother gets hand-me-downs. It’s not that we don’t love Wayne as much, it’s a fact of the learning curve. we are more seasoned after handling Ian, so Wayne, we handled him like old hands, har, har.

Anyway, back to the story, so Steven urged me to write, write for them, the boys. He recalled his friend recounted to him that his son, was particular moved when he read about the days where the family wasn’t doing too well, and the things the dad have to do to get the family the bread and butter.

I think we all have our stories to tell, to others and to our kids. That is the reason why we have them, to hand a legacy to them, hell, hand them the cradle of our immortality, we lived on, in their lives and in their stories, and this is why stories are so compelling. Even now, we read about the tragedy of Troy, read about the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. Stories that has happened, ions ago, are still as relevant to us today. And what better way to transmit this? Than from Father to sons?


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